Friday, December 21, 2007

im out!

so i have made it out of first semester senior year alive. though it was a pain in the ass to actually get out of the city. its wonderful to be home and see snow every where and play with my fat rabbits. as i mentioned in a prevous post i was able to scan in my last two pieces, though they were scanned in on a small scanner and not the big one, so they had to be done in pieces. see if you can find the cut make form photo shop! yeah, i will ra-scan these but for now, here is the blip fest final. i was really happy with this one and i hope some one will buy it or something. the staten island ninja still need some color corrections, but it will be up soon. happy holidays


CresceNet said...

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J. Astra said...

This is adorable, I'd like to see it happen in real life.