Friday, December 14, 2007

revise the revisions

ok, so my last sketch for the the blip fest ended up getting change a little bit, but it's done and painted! i cranked it out in 26 hours. ill have that up before i head home for winter break. (this is will be the first year i dont bring home tanglable artwork, just my computer, baybay and her third brain) ((long story))
so heres the revised sketch

my next illustration is on the staten island ninja story. crazy true tales of a ninja burgular who's been hitting staten island. no clues as to who the person is. i got the sketch done and will have it done ASAP.i would like to have this up before brake as well, but i got a ton of work to do, so we'll see.

man, i dont know why, but a bunch of people from days long past have been popping up. i then realized i barely remember anyone from high school, guess i just havent thought of it since i got to college. why is that? i know i didn't like high school, but it was still fun and i have good memories from then. i do still feel my self slipping into the same agitated mixed up person at times, and im making a earnest effort to change this. in portfolio the other day we had a guest artist show us some work, he was from mexico and has lead an amazing life and he was the nicest person. granted his work wasnt terribly great, but he seemed to be really happy do it. being whiny isnt going to get me any where.
in more pop culture news, i just saw the film tekkon kinkreet, and it was absolutely amazing. such amazing animation, such a beautiful story, i highly recommend it!

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