Thursday, April 24, 2008

the last post i will ever visit

hey all,
our portfolio class had its last class together as a group, (next week have the portfolio review with our chairman.) very touching, it's strange to think i will no long be going to a class with my peers and looking at fresh work regularly. granted it was depressing when someone would not care about being there and have crappy work and then defend it like they actually cared. that i wont miss, but the handful of those who's work i enjoyed and admired made it worth while. those few helped to shape my own development, giving me rough guide lines i could use if i found myself lost.
but this isn't so much the end of something, it's more the opportunity to develop our own community and support those we actually care about, with out paying fact cash loan moneys. the prospect of getting a studio and studio mates makes me awesomely excited, even if thats not for a little while.

anyways, heres a piece i did for class, we had to show a subculture/cultural group, so i chose mods from the 60's and 70's. they all have sweet vespas and parkas. this was actually a pain in the ass to paint, but i felt i learned a lot from it.

also, these are sketches for an illustration i did for class on Ted Leo, the final was a silk screen which came out all right, but still think it can be done better, so i think i will paint it (even though that will take a crazy ass long time. mad crowds.

the final rough drawing

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