Thursday, August 14, 2008 the Future!

hey every one,
i am finally back from my vacation/graduation travels. went to alaska to see my brother and then to san francisco to visit some friends and figure out if i ever want to live there. and i do, i think i will move to SF at some point in the future, maybe in bout 4-5 years if i can. either there or boston, either way i cant stay in NY forever.
so i got tons of new ideas for my two on going series, a loveless haunting and peer pressure/bad vibrations. i will be painting them as soon as i get a moment to my self. i finished two so far from peer pressure/bad vibrations which will be up soon. in the mean time have some elephants.

some note worthy news, im moving into my new apartment this sunday, singing the lease tomorrow. will be living with two good friends. there will be roof parties and food grilling and maybe a pool table if we're get this shit together. but for now i got to get over some sweet jet lag eat tons of food.

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