Monday, September 22, 2008

said skills to pay bills

hey all,
as usual, been very busy with everything, painting, working, galleries, traveling and the like. for those who havent seen it and can, you should go check out the four person show at destination featuring our buddy john ryan solis. and of those in pennsylvania (any one?) you need to see jake smileys solo show. both great work.
so as promised, here are some photos of my work at rickys near union square. the faces a little fucked up but im not really bothered by it.

here is a watercolor portrait i did for a company, may get used for something, but not really sure. so watercolor really isnt my thing and i dont have that much practice with it, but i was pretty pleased with the way this came out.

and to bring in the full circle of what ive been up to, here is the birthday card i made for my friend. super cute. had a lot of fun making this one.

oh, the top says "happy birthday" in japanese.

im currently working on a bunch of illustrations for a bag line for the UFC thats taking up most my free time, but there will be a new painting from the peer pressure/bad vibrations very soon. also, im toying with two other ideas for a a short series of paintings for the near future. one on phone booths in the city (for no real reason other than to get better and painting and scenery) and the other "how you make me feel", a fun personal project with the intent for others to be able to relate it to their own experiences.
peace out!

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