Monday, September 15, 2008

velocity of love

so as an illustrator, ive been trying to figure out what it is that i want to illustrate and display in my work. its always been a point of worry for me, not finding a spot i was comfortable with or felt honest in. it seems like a lot of fuss over finding out what it is that i really just want to do when the answer is as simple as just doing what it is i want to do. but the details ive been hung up.
a few days ago i had read a hand full of old journal entries i had made about nothing in particular, but they all had a reoccurring theme. that is im overly enthusiastic in a very unadulterated way about my interests. i realized i was rarely wavered by others apathy. and for a moment i felt i had become someone other than myself. but then i remembered that totally stupid and that i will always be the over enthusiastic romantic, just now im older and more is on the line, but i have more ability to pull out of the dangers i may face. i am an observer and an appreciator, i view the world romantically and try to understand the foreign. I feel sure of my self, but with out thinking of my self at all.
anyways, as this translates into illustration and work, i feel that subjects like anxiety, love, confusion, adolescence, cuteness, and energy really interest me, and i feel an infinite sea if idea in those places. this whole thing will take time and more thought and more struggle, but thats part of the adventure to it. bring it

anywho still havent fixed or finished any painting paintings, been doing tons of other things, lots of shit happening. but here are some exerts from my sketchbook. these are all done while riding the subway.

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