Sunday, February 1, 2009

back from the trenches

hey all
man oh man its been a while since my last post! been super busy with work and family and girlfriend, so i havent been paying much attention to this here blog. plus, i dont have too much new good stuff, this past month has been a slow art month for me, but feb will fix that
heres a painting i made for myself, of jelly fish of course.

here are two paintings i did for these graffiti bags i was hired to do, they're pretty simple, nothing too exciting.

i will be starting some new paintings soon, i want to finish the peer pressure/bad vibrations series, and if i have it in me i will finish the loveless haunting series. plus, i have a new series im pretty excited about, i will put up the drawings when i get them all polished as a sneak peak soon!

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