Monday, June 1, 2009

Challenging Me

hey everyone,
I have this idea, to do a drawing a day. in perfect fairness, many people have had this idea, but that is besides the point. and i almost always draw something everyday, some times for many hours (as one of my jobs is kind enough to ask that of me), but that is also besides the point.
the point is to push my own personal drawings to be more fun, more creative, and more more.
i miss generating the volume of work i did when i started making this whole thing. and i am not afraid of losing the quality in the quantity, for fear in art is a thing of the past. i am excited for the future, as i usually am in the world.
now, as far as posting goes, i highly doubt i am diligent enough to post everyday, maybe not ever every week, but i will do my best to post each drawing, regardless of how much time i spent on it.
i'm not really sure how long i will do this for, but i imagine i will stop sooner than later, but no worries.
anywho, i havent scanned anything new in for a while, but i promise, i will have tons to show later!

pen and photoshop

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