Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dinosaurs vs vampires

hey everyone
so the past weekend we had the opening for the halloween art show up in boston, and it was pretty awesome. it was just a few of us in the show, and we actually had a sponsor, bear flag wine, and then there was a showing of "night of the living dead" at a bar/restaurant down the street on newbury. i gotta say, as much as i love new york, boston is sooo much cleaner and nicer looking. man, new york is a dump.
any who, here are my paintings from the show!
my bram strokers dracula, props to the coolest dracula (in my opinion)

phantom of the opera

and my halloween costumes

i also had my "neville longbottom" piece along with "my fears are behind me" piece. hopefully stuff sells, but if not i get to hang them on my walls! i have grown pretty attached to neville.

and of course, i get more ideas that fit the theme of a show After the show itself. heres a sketch for a new painting im gonna do this week. its partially based off a best fwends song.

in other news, my website revamping is pretty much ready to get underway, now i just have to have some show me how to work dreamweaver again. and my matador series sketches are slowly coming along.
anyways, time for sleep. later!