Friday, August 27, 2010

Animals and more animals

Hey everyone
I am officially out of shape. So this past sunday i helped my gf move into her new apartment and after only an hour and one flight of stairs i was dying a horrible death. I need to fix this if i plan on moving next month for sure. luckily I am running again, which hasn't been the worst thing ever!
Any who, heres some stuff from the vault and sketchbooks. the two octopus drawings are from the diptych series I'm making with my roommate. Still have no idea how these are getting executed but we will worry about later.

Here are some studies of bulls Ive made when its too late at night to start seriously painting, so late that some times the bulls turn into buffalo's.

I like drawing birds too.

more things to come, making an illustration for my friends band, weak teeth, and a logo for a photographer i work with. should be good.

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