Friday, August 13, 2010

The Matador sketches

Hey everyone!!
Oh wow, it's been a reeeally long time since my last post, sorry about that. As the usual I've been very busy, had a few story boarding and freelancing jobs, did illustrations for a whole website and sketching and drawing for myself when i get a free moment to breath.
Here are a few drawings from my matador series as well as a full painted one, I almost have the whole thing figured out, slow and steady.

I've also been working on a collaboration with my roommate/best bud Michael Ricca. The project is going to be diptychs of nudes and octopi/squids. I will be providing the octopi. Its been alot of fun working on it together and should have a nice out come. I'll have some of my roughs up soon.
Sadly my roommates and i will be moving soon, but back to Brooklyn. As nice as living in manhattan is i will be glad to leave the $400 tax behind.
Thats all for me. i promise i will be posting again soon, and none of the months with out nonsense. Later!

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