Monday, April 23, 2012

POST 154

Hi everyone! Last week i got make an illustration for business week, thanks to art director Shawn Hasto! The article was on the new Avengers movie and how disney hopes to regain its loses from the movie John Carter. Here are the sketches and final
In other news, i am currently in the middle of commissioned wedding portriat, here is the final sketch. the final is 16" x 20", which is very very large for me so its a great opportunity for me to work and learn on this scale. i will have the final piece up shortly.
I am also making another stop motion animation, but still only in the story board stage. The first one i made is finally edited but there are issues with new changes the client wants to make, as well as a new song to go to it. eventually it will be up and you can all see the fruits of my completely inexperienced labors!


Anonymous said...

Nice to be featured :) (Surge)

Sturdy Heart said...

Congrats again on Business Week!!