Sunday, November 29, 2009

insecta botanica

hey everyone
ahh wow, its been a while since my last post on here. busy as usual, We celebrated our one year anniversary last weekend :) it was filled with amazing food, fantastic drinks (i had a whiskey lit on fire! so cool) a trip to the 102nd floor of the empire state building at 1 AM, and a trip to the adoption center to get our first bunny! we adopted a 3 year old netherland dwarf rabbit, his name is matador (hes currently napping in his play pen). we have a blog about him here raising matador we also made friends with this very nice guy at a speakeasy (our fist adult friend who isn't related to us) so it was a pretty awesome weekend.

in other news, im going to have 4 small paintings in a group show this wednesday at destination NY, which is at 32-36 Little West 12th Street. the opening goes from 6-8 and the show is open until January 10th. check it out if you can! here are two things in the show.

so ive started yet another series called insecta botanica, basiclly its exactly what it sounds like, flowers and bugs. i was able to make one for the show which was pretty simple and fun. i want to make a ton and decorate my apartment with them.
ive also been making my new website (about time!) so that should be up in a week or two.
heres two pages from my sketchbook too

ok, bed time, got work tomorrow!

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