Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey everyone!
Oh wow! its been forever since my last post! Sorry for the long delay, been busy and keep forgetting to post. Some exciting news, my new website is Finally up! you know the place www.erichosford.com check it out, got a ton of stuff and sweet sketchbook section. there will be a bunch of minor tweeks, but i have to get CS 3 or 4 onto my computer again. oh yeah, my computer died a few weeks ago. i think the steam from my radiator killed the harddrive, making me hate winter even more. i lost all my files and awesome applications, so sad. i did purchase a external hard drive so as to avoid this issue again.
in other news i am making serious efforts to find a new job. it looks a bit grim with the economy (oh wow i sound like an actual adult) but i need to be making better money.
anywho, here is a new piece from my insecta botanica series, enjoy!

"Ipomoea Lycosidae"

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