Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey everyone!
I went to the "Illustration Next" lecture hosted by my old portfolio teacher, Steve Brodner tonight, and wow, i feel motivated! The lecture was great as expected, lots of talented people talking about their non-traditional jobs and projects in the world of art, and where the future of illustration is heading. i was a bit nervous it would be overwhelming, but quiet the opposite, the second i started talking to people when i got there i felt better, even excited. time to kick some serious ass.
anywho, ive been working on my old series on Matadors again, here is a sneaky peak at one of the final drawings (sorry for the poor scans)

heres some other sketches of the matadors doing their thing

and some more sketchbook.

thats all for now, im in the middle of painting a fun little piece featuring our bunny, that will be up soon. later!

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