Friday, December 10, 2010

inner space

hey everyone
i am finally back to painting my matadors! i didnt realize how long a break i took until i set out my paints for them. oh well, feels good to get back and i feel pretty determined to finish them quickly. here is a not so great color corrected one

i dont have any good pictures yet, but heres a quick snapshot form my phone of the signs i made for this new juice bar called the fresh collective. i had to do all the tiny lettering by hand, not so fun.

i discovered this old film composer, Sven Libaek, who did great music for old nature and exploration documentaries (wes anderson used a few of his songs in the life aquatic), and man, its good. i made these color/texture studies the other night inspired by his soundtrack, inner space. i think i will use them for backgrounds in some paints soon.

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