Sunday, December 19, 2010

food companies and medical diseases

hey everyone
happy holidays! i just realized im going home for christmas at the end of the week and i dont have a single gift purchased yet. oh well! so the past two weeks i got a lot of illustration work which is fantastic, though my matador paintings had to take the back burner for a little bit. i have four completed and one more thats 90% finished though, so im pretty pumped. any who, here are some simple illustrations ive done recently, these first three are for Honest Tea

and some super quick berries

here one out of 14 pieces i did on the disease Vasculitis. Its based off a story form some one breaking through the barriers of the disease. it was really great making these, even if they wanted an edward gorey style (which kills my hand after a while)

and finally I am doing some illustrations for Smuckers, which is pretty awesome. very simple childrens book style, heres a sketch for one of the pieces

i will post more later, time to get back to work!

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