Tuesday, December 28, 2010

big blizzard

hey everyone!
so i am finally back in brooklyn after spending christmas back home in Rhode Island and Mass, and there seems to be entire mountain ranges of snow EVERYWHERE. its pretty amazing really.
so here are some more illustrations i did for the premature ejaculation project. i was pretty happy with doing them in this style, and it was a lot of fun using colors I don't normally use.

Here are some more of the Honest Tea illustrations i made as well. These were fun but pretty simple, and where treated with text afterwords. Hopefully i can get my hands on the finals with text soon.

And Finally! here is another matador final. There are actually a few small things I would like add (mostly just highlights on the matadors outfit) but still, here is the progress.

More to come, I am finishing up the illustrations for Smuckers this week, plus some stuff from my sketchbook. good night!

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