Monday, January 10, 2011

winter nesting

Hey everyone!
It's the New Year! Yeah! And this is officially my first post of the new year.
Here is my Year is recap, though I may be forgetting key things, Its been pretty great.
I Had my work on the cover of the Weekly Dig
My work was shown in Travel and Leisure
My awesome girlfriend moved to new york, and now lives 8 minutes up the road!
Moved back to brookyln
Margaret Lynn Hosford, my niece, was born!
I got to work for Honest Tea, Smuckers, A drug company that makes pills for Premature ejeculations, The Next Iron Chef, and a bunch of others
I saw the gorillaz live
re-did my website (though i want to redo it again)
Matador had is first birthday with me! (he had fresh parsley and yogurt treats to celebrate)
anyways, here is a drawing i made for my mom for christmas of owls.

And here is a drawing of a birds nest i drew while home for the holiday. I got caught i that awesome snow storm for a day. I'm pretty proud of this drawing

heres another piece from my sketch book, i was painting one of my favorite places back home from my head. Its a small farm that is middle of the four neighboring towns. I always loved watching the three radio towers off in the distance.

Thats all for now, more work to come, happy new year!

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