Friday, August 3, 2012

POST 160

My first set of promo postcards are in! They look pretty good (even though i can find a few printing mistakes, I'm not going to harp on them). And now it time to order the next set. If you'd like one post your address below, hopefully I will still have plenty of stamps.
Here is another page from my sketch book, i love drawing like this but I've learned I can't really force it out. The forces one look terrible and emotionless. I guess they have to just come out naturally.

I'm trying to take on some ambitious projects currently, so hopefully i can keep the steam going for them. One project (and this is something ive been wanting to for years) is to illustrate an entire album. I would make a piece for each track, creating a short narrative. I think Grimes album "Visions" is a good starting ground. I'd do a beach boys album but I would probably get too nervous and scrape it half way through! Maybe some day if this goes according to plan.
Thats all for now!

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eric hosford said...

aaaaahhh thanks! some day for sure. the clouds seem to be taking precedence over the album illustration